It’s lobolo time!

It’s lobolo time!

I have a wonderful news to share.  Mr. Zukisani Nzala (OLIA’s Treasurer) will be traveling to Eastern Cape for a lobolo negotiation.  Lobolo negotiation is one of the most important events in Xhosa culture.  It meant to bridge the two families together by men from the respective families sitting together and negotiating the lobolo payment.  It also involves a bottle of brandy as an ice-breaker (not necessary drunk but as symbolism).  I have learned that the fishing net decoration is more important than the actual cost of the brandy.

He will be traveling to Maclear with his fiancé, Entle (means beautiful), this weekend.  God bless you and your families, and wish you a safe trip.

  • Zukisani will contact the chief in Maclear to discuss and research on Imbizo Project.

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