“You know you are special to me, right”

“You know you are special to me, right”

20150928_172731I finally caught up with him and sat him next to me to talk. He said, “I made one mistake three years ago (stolen a DVD Player) and people never trusted me again. Also, I don’t know where my life is going. I have tried everything, but nothing worked.”

After 5 years, I got to know pretty much everything about him and his family. How he was abused and the many bad mistakes he had made over the years. He is 19 now and in grade 11, but still has problems speaking English.

I said one thing and it broke my heart as much as it broke his.
“I understand (that people think that you are a troublemaker) but you are very special to me. You know that, right, Anathi?”
He started to cry.

Helen and I are taking a sabbatical year from Liyabona Montessori Preschool (Training Teachers) after 6 years to concentrate on other ministries and people that God has blessed us with such as Anathi in 2016.

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