True repentance

True repentance

By Helen Lee

While we were walking around Zola a man whom we have never met before stumbled into our lives.  This man’s name is Amen, and he was passing by while we were talking to Zikona. He was in quite a drunken state, and as it was around 11:30 am we deducted thathe must have been drinking all night.  We were in the middle of other matters; however, he insisted on circling around us shaking his head as he slurred out, “I shouldn’t drink.  I am sorry, my name is Amen.”  Jung, Zukisani, and I warmly greet him and shake his hand. Amen couldn’t stop talking and smiling.  He pulls my husband in close, and asks if they may pray together along with several other questions like, “Where is your church?  Are you a pastor?  Do you do bible study?” Jung replied, “You can come to our Vukukani tomorrow, we will welcome you.”

Amen seems like a nice person. God says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  This man must have a deep seeded issue to be drinking through the night till morning. Maybe he is lonely, scared, abused, or he doesn’t have strength to carry on without the alcohol.  However, he was hanging around as if he needed rest, clinging to the hope that is at the edge of Christ’s robe.  He truly needed a friend, he needed Jesus.  Something he said that is still ringing in my mind is, ” I love Jesus, I know Jesus, I promise I won’t get drunken tomorrow. Can you pray for me?”

I know God heard Amen’s plea, and perhaps we were there at the right time to bring him into Vukukanie. Jesus invited those who are heavy burdened and promised them rest.  All they have to do is come and receive God’s comfort and love. God loves Amen, and I pray that he can follow Jesus.

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