Love for you!

Love for you!

Do you think this lady is precious? By looking at these pictures you could assume that she is just another woman from some poverty stricken African country. Do you think this woman could be precious to Jesus? Is this possible?

Unless you know her personally, you won’t understand why this particular woman, is precious to Jesus. Daily she has to survive in a male dominated, violent society. Her life is filled with many hardships such as growing up in an environment of abuse and one of her sons is currently in jail. Yet, she has grown into a responsible and dependable person that many people rely on.

But this is not the reason why she is precious to Jesus. She has a built-in instinct to survive, even in the toughest of circumstances, yet she is also eager to change. Her desire for Christ and the change He brings to her life is much stronger than her survival instinct, the principles she lives by or her traditional beliefs. She finds such joy just knowing the love of Jesus and being in His presence.

Now, are you precious to Jesus? Does Jesus inspire you to have pure love for Him? This love for Him can only be seen where people share their lives with one another. We might have different skin colours and backgrounds, but the purity of our love for Christ and His presence in our lives make us one big family.a2d3eb3a-1b23-435b-b740-3c7263f84409

The I’m precious to Jesus campaign is a movement that redefines how we see andexperience the love of God as it purifies our lives. Join us and share in the love of Jesus that is meant for you. Love for you!


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