Teacher Training

Our main purpose for operating Liyabona Montessori Preschool is to train township teachers with Montessori skills.  The school operates only in the mornings and the capacity is limited to 15 children in order to focus on training teachers.  The teachers in training will obtain practical training during the morning sessions with children and study further in Montessori skills in the afternoon along with bible studies.  The main goal of the training is to understand and learn to love the children with Jesus’ love.  Our facility is ready to equip up to 2 teachers per year to be sent to Liyabona Montessori Preschool in Zola.  The Zola preschool is currently under development and most of the teachers (if not all) who we train will guide township children in that location.

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Teachers in training at Liyabona Montessori Preschool

(Ms. Wendy) Thozeka Mhakundayi has been with us since 2010.

(Ms. Pinky) Nkahiseng Grace Monoana has been with us since 2011.


Khayelithsa Preschool Teachers Training with LOVEa Ministry

It is our first year providing Montesosri training to Khayelitsha preschool teachers.  We provide training to 25 preschools through LOVEa monthly seminars and weekly visitations.  We have been training them with Phonics and the children have been learning very well.  We hope for grade R children to be able to read one syllabus words without memorizing them by the year end.