About Us

OLIA logo symbolizes our lives being transformed as Jesus turned water into wine at Cana

So they may have hope in Christ

-through a process based on the 7 steps-


OLIA pursues the improvement of lives through collective self-esteem.  Also it strives to being empathetic towards holistic elements such as cultural, social, family dynamics, and individual personalities.  We are committed to providing a better future for the children through education, family based care, as well as building communities where all can uphold moral standards through public awareness, community development, and self-development


I’m Precious to Jesus Campaign is a movement for the reinterpretation of human worth. It is further divided into Children’s March, Righteous Men Assembly, and Vukukhanye (Rise & Shine).

Please visit www.precioustojesus.org for more information.

‘Change the world with a message’

OLIA Lifestyle ECD is a ministry which promotes stronger family values and ties.  These are to be the foundation of the child’s development through a restructuring or re-establishment of existing schools. Not only do we provide quality education, but also family seminars, and individual coaching through visitations.

‘Reaching families through childcare’

Montessori Teacher Training is a skill training ministry to produce preschool level teachers. We look to well equip them with professional skills, as well as love and care for the children.

‘The way we love our children determines their way of life.’

Company info

OLIA is a non-profit organization (140-272 NPO: OLIA-Our lives in Africa) based in South Africa. It was founded in 2009 and officially registered in 2014.

Email: admin(at)olia.life
Tel: 27 (0) 21 853 5390
Address: 79 Sarel Cilliers St. Strand 7140 South Africa

Non Profit Organisation: 140-272
Public Benefit Organisation: 930052233

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Management Team

Jung Lee
Helen Lee
Zukisani Nzala
Rev. In Sik Kim

Advisory Team

Dr. Pieter Scholtz
Dr. Loraine Scholtz
Rev. Sung Hyun Lim