I’m Precious to Jesus

I’m Precious to Jesus

“To empower the abused and to reach out”

Helen and Jung started this campaign for children to grow up knowing how precious they are to Jesus. The message on their shirts will go to the hearts of everyone they meet, “You are precious to Jesus”.  So far, more than 4000 shirts were distributed to children for free.  We are also expanding our ministry to high schools and through various communities through visitations.

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How it got started:

In May 2011, we started to discuss about a possibility of empowering the children in South African townships by spreading a message through t-shirts.  Soon, we came up with the phrase  ’Mna ndixabisekile ku Yesu (I’m precious to Jesus)’

In June 2011, Jeanette in Canada got involved and sent us 8 preliminary designs for the t-shirts which were then voted by nearly 100 children in Zola, a township in Strand.  The design was chosen by the township children.

design_phase.jpg  Selection.jpg

In July 2011, sample shirts were made and distributed to a handful of children in Zola.

z1.jpg  z2.jpg  z4.jpg  z3.jpg  Siphokazi.Helen.jpg

In August 2011, the first 140 were produced and started to be sold to supporters around the world.  Also, a team (Jj, Cindy, Jeanette and Gary) was formed to launch the campaign in Canada.

337023_273710372647850_224960410856180_1115365_505164757_o.jpg  336421_278678958817658_224960410856180_1137706_1851304829_o.jpg  328599_10150299184596827_538671826_7724873_727024991_o.jpg  310874_10150809605405554_563055553_20691639_1186773399_n.jpg  340274_10150308038174070_762919069_7488891_1113668099_o.jpg

Since then, the word has been spreading and we have received support from all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds.

339700_304312329587654_224960410856180_1237093_858839880_o.jpg  307734_10150348334916525_567386524_8411593_22370240_n.jpg  311491_10150441977894185_764824184_8338423_1767199729_n.jpg  325591_302567406428813_224960410856180_1232670_1336062513_o.jpg  Rose.and.friends.jpg

In November 2011, the first 200 shirts were distributed to children in Zola (OLIA) and of African Leadership Children’s Churches in BM Section, Khayelitsha.

BMSection2.JPG  BMSection1.JPG  BMSection3.jpg  335476_300111366674417_224960410856180_1226130_1176338848_o.jpg

In November 2011, the website www.PrecioustoJesus.org was launched.

On November 26 and December 10, African Leadership and OLIA initiated a 1000 children march in Site C and Site B, Khayelitsha to bring awareness to the community regarding the Campaign.  Altogether 1000 children’s shirts were distributed to children and more than 6500 leaflets were handed out.

CWalk7.jpg  CWalk2.jpg  CWalk1.jpg  CWalk6.jpg  CWalk3.jpg

Please visit www.precioustojesus.org for further information.